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Hi everyone,

Thought I may start a blog as I am getting asked quite a few questions regarding photoshoots so thought it would be beneficial to go over a few topics and share some shoots and ideas with you all. I'll go over a few answers to main questions I get asked...

  • What should I wear?

So, this is one of the main questions I get asked when people book a shoot and my biggest piece of advice is to wear something comfortable. I think a nice pair of breeches or jeans with a top or shirt tucked in look great. It doesn't have to be fancy, big brand clothing. Just something clean & ironed looks great. A nice flowy dress also looks amazing in the warmer months. Again, whatever you feel comfortable in. By all means, if you want to wear a full blown ball gown or your complete competition wear, go for it. After all, it is your photoshoot!

  • What should my horse be in tack wise?

I always suggest having a nice clean bridle or a leather head collar for photoshoots. Just make sure you give it a clean the night before and then a quick wipe over once its on just to double check there isn't any marks left behind.

  • What if it's raining?

We live in the UK. Unfortunately the weather is very unpredictable as can change rapidly. I always keep an on the weather forecast and if it's predicted heavy rain then we will postpone to another day where weather looks better. If its predicted light rain showers then the shoot can go ahead. Of course if rain turns heavy during the shoot we will try and hide it out as much as possible.

Top tips:

  • Bath your horse/pony and clean your tack the night before your shoot.

  • Look at the location we're shooting on, choose some nice scenic spots to take photographs at. (I will look around the place whilst you're getting ready however, its always nice for you to have spots in mind!)

  • Get your outfit choices ready - again, the night before.

  • Have a second pair of hands available. It's always handy to have someone that can rattle a feed bowl, hold horse whilst changing outfit and to give you a leg up!

Hope this answers some of your questions. If you'd like to book a shoot, please do contact me. Take care and keep safe!

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