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BLOG 5: 'Photoshoots are expensive'...

Hi everyone! Hope you're all still doing well? This blogpost is all about money... Oh how I wish it grew on a tree in the back garden...

So, I ran a questionnaire not that long ago and I asked you: 'What stops you from having a photoshoot?'. It had a few answers but one that cropped up a few times were the fact they're too expensive. Now, money is tight, unless of course you're lucky enough to win the lottery a couple of times - and all of us photographers get that, 100%!. However, have you thought of how much our equipment costs? How much it costs to upgrade? Course fees? Insurance fees? Time to edit photographs? Quality products offered?...

  • My camera & lens is worth over £2000, and you know what? I would love to upgrade my camera body now! I would love to invest in some more lenses also. It it A LOT of money to keep up to date with equipment. The camera body I am looking at costs £2000+ alone itself, no lenses included!... A DREAM. Hopefully within time I will be able to afford it!

  • I'd love to do some courses which involves off camera flash. Courses can range from £50 - £200+.

  • Insurance fee's? depends on what you want to be insured for but they have a cost of £50+. Also insurance for your equipment!...

  • The time scale of editing can vary depending on shoot option but I am roughly editing the photos over a week and tweaking them for a further week. Again, some nights I could be editing until early hours of the morning when my children sleep. I can spend anything from 4 hours a day editing until they're ready to view.

  • Don't forget the cost of purchasing these editing programmes... Lightroom, roughly £250. Photoshop again, expensive!!

  • Products that I include in my photography packages are of a high quality standard. I wouldn't like to give my clients cheap products that wont last. Therefore, the price tag comes to cover the cost of them.

So, I understand some photoshoots come across expensive and I really wish I could photograph you all for free or for a mere £40 with everything included (there are hobbiest's that will do this for you but remember, you pay for quality that lasts a lifetime... You pay for what you get.) but this really isn't feasible for me. We all have mouths to feed, we all have bills to pay and everyday purchases.

Here are a few ideas on how to save for a shoot:

  • Put £30 a week away

  • Sell some old items that are no longer in use to you

  • Book a yard shoot (see yard shoots here)

  • Payment plans

Photoshoots are a lot of money but think of all the beautiful, life long lasting images you will have to look back on and cherish forever?... you really cant beat that. Unfortunately our beloved pets don't last forever.

**I do offer a finance plan. I have started to take a 50% deposit to secure date and then the remaining amount due 48 hours before shoot. So, if you book a shoot a month in advance, after the initial 50%, you have a whole month to save - or more depending on when you book. I am also up for your ideas on a payment plan for your shoot so please just ask and we can come up with something.**

Take care,

Chloe x

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