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BLOG 4: Why you should book an Equine Photoshoot


For this blog I thought I would address a different topic of 'why you should book an equine photoshoot'...

I honestly can't stress enough how important it is to book an Equine (or canine!) Photoshoot up. It doesn't have to be a photoshoot with myself but PLEASE, book that photoshoot!!

One of the main reasons for writing this post is I find it SO sad that quite a lot of you don't book a photoshoot up with reasons being 'I don't like being in front of the camera' or 'I just don't have the time'. I shall be writing a different blog on the money side of things next week as that is a whole new post so keep an eye on my page!

Unfortunately one of the biggest reasons to book a shoot up is that our beloved pets don't last forever or our circumstances change and we have to sell up. I sold my mare at the beginning of this year and I really regret not having lots of photos taken of us together. Again, when the time comes to cross that horsey rainbow bridge, I can guarantee you, you WILL regret not having some personal photographs taken together to look back on. Freak accidents can happen and again, not having stunning professional photographs together to cherish will be heartbreaking x100. I really do wish we could keep them forever but unfortunately that's just not possible and its hear wrenching thinking about it.

You can have lots of competition photos but what's not to love about the one on one personal images?...

'I don't like being in front of the camera' - That is absolutely fine! I much prefer being behind it too. We can take lots of stunning photographs of your horses/dogs in their natural environment but I do always suggest you having one or two together for a personal keepsake - even if you don't want to publish those.

Most of all, it will be a fun day for yourself and horse to have something different done! AND... who doesn't love getting all dressed up nicely with a freshly bathed horse looking all smart?!

Please think about it, having a photoshoot really is a lovely experience and you have memories frozen to last you a lifetime. You don't get those moments back.

Hope you guys are all well!

Chloe x

- New - I can start offering payment plans if photoshoots are booked 3 months in advance.

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